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from Bob Franke began his career as a singer-songwriter in 1965 while a student at the University of Michigan. Upon graduation in 1969 with an A.B. in English Literature, he moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts, and has since made New England his home. Bob has appeared in concert at coffeehouses, colleges, festivals, bars, streets, homes and churches in 33 states, four Canadian provinces and England.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Welcome to The Song Journal, perhaps more accurately at this point Bob's Song Journal, informal postings about how things are going in the world of this singer-songwriter, and occasionally, how things are going in the world. My personal goals here are to lower my obscurity quotient by opening up a dialogue with audience and colleagues.

Work on the new live album is going swimmingly; I'm looking forward to working with Andrew Calhoun on his Waterbug label. Thanks are due (and will be noted) to Rich Warren, Eric Arunas and WFMT-Chicago for recording the concert. The working title is The Other Evening In Chicago. I've been editing the recording on my old Compaq computer using Audacity running on the Mepis Linux operating system. Mel Green has agreed to do design. Our goal is to get the recording out by the end of June. Watch this space!


Blogger Brian Sullivan said...

Bob (aka Maestro Franke),
Great idea for a Blog! Obscure? Say it ain't so! Obtuse, maybe...<;-).>
Does the title The Other Evening in Chicago indicate a live recording?

Minutus cantorum, minutus balorum, minutus carborata descendum pantorum.

8:24 PM  
Blogger Jane said...

Greetings, Bob. I still remember with pleasure attending your workshop at Pendle Hill. I've put a bunch of my songs (mostly anti-war) on my web site. One way to get them out there.

Jane Heald

10:55 PM  
Blogger Bob Franke said...

Brian--The Other Evening In Chicago indeed indicates a live recording, recorded by the same guy that did the original, with better equipment. Jane--Good for you for using the web, and a great idea for anyone to make their work available. I remember that workshop with a great deal of affection, and I think of Pendle Hill as one of the holy places on the planet.

11:00 AM  
Blogger wandalu said...

Hi ya Bob:
Obscurity Quotient?
What the heck is that? You know you are way more well known than most of us will ever hope to be.
But TBS (that being said),
(and I expect we can all create our own shortcuts here, and I know very lil shortcuts)...
Yes, the general state of radio in general is worth mourning.
I will continue to say it was coming, and will continue to say is will be until enough brave radio people stand up and say "Enough, Already!"

Our job is to write songs. Whenever and wherever it strikes us. We do not define life, we redefine, delineate, doublewide, decry, de-scribe, exfoliate, ex-communicate, excite, exist,
well, I could go on indefinitely, but I won't...

"The function of the artist is to 'provide what life does not'..."
Tom Robbins. and probahly someone else he stole from.

I disclaim and decry any and every radio station that declines to air real folk/singer songwriter/traditional, or somewhat indegenous music.
They are cowards, inclined to lean towards the all mighty dollar they are misinclined to believe will deliver them from the demon of poverty.

That is not what real people want to hear, nor what real people want to write. The continuation of real folk music continues to negate this notion.

We, the people who write music, and We the people, who play music, need to get our stuff together. Somes radio stations, and some writers have figured this out. While, some folks have gone off to the Netherlands of discontent...
duh huh.

I am proud to contribut to the new Song Journal.
Where are you? Do you dare put your thoughts out here? Do you dare allow your pages and pages of passion to be an inspiration to the rest of us?

I dare.

Here is what I am thinking about today..

There's a full moon on the rise
Thunderheads in the skies
Rolling up
From just south of Charleston Bay.
And the new bridges' diamond stays
Will soon vanish in the haze...
South Car'lina
Slippin' Away...
yeah, there is more. Or less.
I could use a hand here.

Y'all need to check out this site. And give your local radio stations some grief.
love, wanda lu (paxton)

12:09 AM  
Blogger Ruth said...

Welcome to the Blogosphere, Bob!
While I fondly recall performances you gave years ago at the Coffeehouse Extemporé in Minneapolis, one of my favorite, and alas most recent memories of you was at a small concert in the guitar shop in Santa Cruz where you sang a note and all the (well-tuned) guitars on the walls resounded it right on back to you.
Warm hellos from a singing fan.
-Ruth Temple

2:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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