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from Bob Franke began his career as a singer-songwriter in 1965 while a student at the University of Michigan. Upon graduation in 1969 with an A.B. in English Literature, he moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts, and has since made New England his home. Bob has appeared in concert at coffeehouses, colleges, festivals, bars, streets, homes and churches in 33 states, four Canadian provinces and England.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

A new song for church

I'm debuting this one tomorrow.

Strange Kingdom

by Bob Franke

©2009 Robert J. Franke

When James and John both asked for seats in heaven,

They must have thought that Heaven was like Rome,

We stumble here just like the first Eleven

and wonder as we travel to your home.

(chorus) It's a strange kingdom that you've left us in this world,

A love that's so much more than we deserve.

The journey to your glory leads us onward to your Cross,

Rejoicing as we suffer, and we serve.

We're baptized in your death and in your rising,

We've tasted of your cup, and of our tears,

The joy that fills our hearts is still surprising,

When we gather in your name we know you're here.

Though sorrow, sin and suffering still assail us,

Our daily bread is all the wealth we need,

Though princes fall, your love will never fail us,

And living in that love, we're blessed indeed.


Blogger Cathy Formusa said...

I attended a songwriting class of yours at PSGW a couple years ago. Your unassuming approach was comforting and your wisdom and spirit still lingers in my orbit. My assignment that week was to write about an object. I wrote a song from the viewpoint of your guitar writing you a song. Great fun. Thank you for the complete shift of my perceptions for a week. Your terrific and a wonderful teacher. Thank you for that gentle beauty you shared and still share,


1:00 PM  
Blogger Bob Franke said...

Thanks for your kind note, Cathy.

1:16 PM  
Blogger Victoria James said...

This is very nice...well written and I like 'church' songs to be.

10:03 AM  

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