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Friday, February 19, 2010

Waterbug Anthology 9

I've never been prouder of a song of mine than "My Next Drink", and the company Andrew Calhoun has surrounded it with on Waterbug Anthology 9 is astonishing to me, as it will be even to those of you who might think that any singer-songwriter album that doesn't suck is astonishing. A new Leslie Smith recording would alone be worth the miniscule price of admission, but this thing's got great songs by Geoff Bartley, Cosy Sheridan, Jonathan Byrd, Kate MacLeod, Annie Gallup, Lui Collins and other esteemed colleagues as well. Andrew is giving it away free with any CD ordered from his web site, or selling it for $5. You can hear "My Next Drink" streaming from my MySpace page.



Blogger Irenicum said...

Bob, Thank you so much for the music you've given over the years. I found you many a moon ago back in NYC. I just recently moved to Beverly not too far away and am attending Gordon Conwell Seminary. Your new song My Next Drink is very powerful since just about everyone in my family suffers from alcoholism and other various addictions, myself included. I look forward to seeing you with Bill Staines next month at Marblehead. It's so good to reconnect with voices that have given me solace and sympathy.

1:41 PM  

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